Transit Media

What is Transit Media?

Transit Media also known as advertising on transport refers to advertising on public transport systems like buses, subways, and taxis along with their stations. Transit media has a diverse audience reach: families going parks and malls, youngsters heading to colleges or work, tourists wandering through a new town and teenagers moving to their favourite coffee shop.

Transit advertising has a wide reach, more locations covered and more footfall in comparison to static signage or billboards. It is only medium where a message doesn’t reach the audience but the audience reaches the message.

Who wouldn’t want to promote their brand to millions of people travelling across the streets and highways every day? Transit media works for all, be it someone travelling by their own vehicles or someone using public transport, even the people walking on the sidewalk can’t escape from transit media. The eye-catching ads placed are not only unmissable but are also fun to watch. With the help of Transit Advertising, ads can be placed anywhere from the sides of buses, trains and taxis, to inside buses, cars or subways and near train or bus platforms.


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